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We sell quality grills by Broilmaster and Holland.  Each of these companies make excellent quality grills with great warranties, but the cooking features of each are completely different.  Stop in our showroom and see a sales associate to find the right grill for you.
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We sell VENT FREE logs by Superior and Empire. On those cold winter nights, nothing beats the convenience and beauty of vent-free logs.  They are also the most effecient, economic and safe logs available.  All units are equipped with ODS (oxygen depletion sensor) pilots.  There are units available from manual control to electronic ignition with remote controls.  Bring your fireplace measurements in to find the right size logs for you.  We have live burn models on display so you can see exactly how they look while they are burning.  Keep in mind, we DO NOT sell, install or connect to VENTED LOGS. We have freestanding units from Buck Stove for those that don’t have a fireplace but want the real fireplace feel.  These units are compact but carry great heating capability.  Each unit is equipped with a thermostatically controlled valve and blower....just find the setting that is comfortable for you and leave it, the heater will go on and off according to the temperature in the room.  These units will still work in power outages for a great source of heat while the furnace is down.
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Grills, logs and heaters